Monday, November 29, 2010

Peppermint Discourages Mice in walls

Today, I recieved my "Mother Earth News" magazine in the mail. I absolutely love this magazine. After admiring the recipe for sliced bread. I found a short  article written by Norm Noe from Vancourver, washington. If you have the December 2010 / January 2011 magazine, look on page 53.

Here is what Norm says about peppermint and mice.

Peppermint Discourages Mice in Walls
I live in 102-year-old house, on a small acreage, which helps explain why I had a problem with mice in the walls. (It sounded like they were having a party in there!) The young lady that works where I shop said she had heard from her grandma that all you need are peppermint-soaked cotton balls scattered about, and mice will split!
  So I placed small, peppermint-soaked cotton balls all around the kitchen. I unscrewed two wall plugs and carefully slipped some in behind the sockets and, like magic, no more sounds of mice. Twenty-four hours later, no sign of the mice at all.

We do not have a problem where I live yet. If anyone trys the peppermint-soaked cotton balls to get rid of their mice problem, please, leave a comment with your experience with it! I am very curious about this.


  1. The mice in my fiber room ate my peppermint essential oil cotton balls .... better than eating my fiber!

  2. eeeks! As long as they stay away from the fiber, That would start a war, no one touches my fiber :)