Thursday, April 19, 2012

Crafty minded today.

Sooo I am so happy with my easter baskets i ordered at I want to share a picture with you.

I do not own an embroidery machine, and people are crazy to assume because i am crafty i would hand embroider their names. HA. no. I dont have that much patience. But, I will be ordering another green one for baby Samuel (Sam) Duane. That is the name we have choosen to give our new bundle of joy comming in august.

Right now, I have to finish my knitting contract, I am about half way done and only have a couple of days left to do it. But i decided to write a blog before I get burried in yarn. Plus blogging helps me continue to keep my brain organized. As soon as I finish this knitting contract, the next project I am going to do is sew a maternity gown for my 10 year high school reunion. Here is a picture of what the gown will look like... But keep in mind, I am doing black as the sheer loose layer, and hot pink as the spandex inner layer, with hot pink sequence trim under the breasts. Super excited, but here is the pattern i will be using. I will be making the longer dress of the two.  

After finishing the dress, then it is on to making things for this baby's arrival simutaniously making a mommy cardigan for myself. For the cardigan I plan on using a pattern I found on ravelry which can be found on
Here is a picture of the Cardigan, it is called Therapi by Stefanie Japel

I will be using Sugarbunny yarn from which is an alpaca, angora blend. Hoping to have this done by fall, but i figured while i am sitting and watching tv with the hubby i can work on this.

Some of the baby items that are on top of my list to sew is a Diaper bag, A breast feeding cover, a changing pad and various other covers to make things easier to wash.
Since we found out we are having another boy, The colors i have chosen are Tourquoise, Orange, and browns. The theme will be owls. I know, owls are a little wierd, but they have such cute patterns and ideas for owl themes. and owls stay awake all night to watch over your baby as you slumber.... okay maybe a little far fetched but you gotta play with the idea. Here is a picture of the fabric i found that i want to use as the main for the baby items, and if we do decide to have another baby in about 3 years, it will work for either sex.

One more thing that I want to get done before the baby is 3 months old. may make it for baby Sam for christmas are these cute little foam blocks. I already have the fabric, thought it would be super cute.

Any of the easy sewing or knitting projects, I will start tutorial blogs on the projects but only post it once the item is complete. :) In those blogs i will talk about the pattern and my likes and dislikes. I will post links to the yarns and the patterns I use so if you want to give it a go, Go right on ahead!

Thanks for reading, I enjoy getting comments :)


  1. Hey Dez, I have that owl fabric, it's awesome!! Love it!

  2. Awww! I am so excited, I have not bought any, but every week hobby lobby has a 40% off coupon for one full priced item, so i figured i would use that and buy cuts of fabric each week and get it 40% off. lol will take me about that long to get a project done... or longer so anything to save money!