Sunday, June 24, 2012

Custom Unity candles / Memorial candles

I have been working on perfecting this idea for a while. Here is a picture of my first unity candle, this is a first generation unity candle, the candles i will be making next month are the next generation of the development.

Things that has changed since this candle.

#1 for the writing on this one, I used regular sticker paper. the change, I now make my own decals to put on the candle that are soap and water resistant.

#2 I found through trial and error, that when working with liquid plastic (resin) it seperates from the glass once it is hardened, so when you pour wax over the resin it goes on the sides of it and ruins the candle. so using supplies on hand, i used the clay that you use to attach the bottom of the wick to the bottom of the holder. THE CHANGE now i use transparent silicone sealant to seal it. it isnt easy getting it in there either!

#3 - When a customer choses the color, it may or may not be the exact color they wanted, so i usually will do the candle in the lighter color and find glass pebbles or rocks to match the color they wanted. the candle wax will look one color and then change either lighten or darken when it sets.

As a customer you would need to supply me with the following information

1 - is it a unity candle or a memorial candle?
2 - What color scheme are you looking for?
3 - Is there a particular scent, or is there a catigory of a scent? for example, fruity, floral, masculine, ect.
4 - I will need a large copy of the picture wanted to be put inside the resin, i do accept digital copies. Is there anything else other then pebbles or rocks you would like in the resin? for example, a ring, a tootsie roll because it was a favorite candy ect. it will be preserved and will not rot inside the resin.
5 - I will need you to provide me with a particular quote or poem you would like attached, along with how you want the name or names written and how you would like the date written on the candle.

Note: live elements, such as green leaves, flowers ect will brown in the resin.

Candles are $70.00 ($110 value)  + $15.00 flat rate priority shipping via USPS. This shipping cost is for united states only. If you are in another country, please contact me for shipping rate.

If you want it in another language you will need to send me exactly how you want it written and spell check it since i am only english speaking.

Updates with more photos with the upgrades should be available by the end of July, 2012.

feel free to email me at if you would like to know more information or would like to place an order. thanks!

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