Friday, June 1, 2012

Lifestyle Change

Hello blog readers.

  I usually blog about things that are on my mind and that I wouldn't mind feedback on. So here is the next thing. My work in progress... my lifestyle change.

This change doesn't seem huge, but it is not going to be easy. There is a lot of information to learn, to be accustomed to, and to use in my every day life.

I have the typical American diet. Lots of steak and potatoes, McDonald's here and there, sugary cereals and snacks, koolaid, lots of processed and boxed food. I do make a lot from scratch but that usually has a lot of animal fat oils and butters and all the stuff that makes you go yum.... but it also isn't good for you. But this is the way I grew up eating. I have been trying to go more organic and such for a while now. but it really hasn't stuck because old habits die hard and with young children you are in a race against time in the store.

I have been reading the book "the raw food detox diet" and "the juice lady's guide to juicing" and I have learned a lot. I want to be a role model for my kids. and I'm not saying go out and start the diet 100% but i do need to start incorporating these recipes into our every day diet, even if it is adding more flax seed to various meals. because lets face it, you change the texture to a regular meal, and you have grumpy boys in the house.

It is kinda mind boggling on where to begin. I have all these books and all these recipes but i guess I need to start with snacks and seasonings. This isn't just a diet change, it is a lifestyle change, I have heard a lot about carbs and sugars. Dr.oz on the Piers Moran show on CNN even said, You need carbs in your diet, just not simple carbs. And what that means is your whites. White bread, White rice, ect.

I still plan on cooking good home made meals, but changing right now one meal or snack a day until we get some recipes tried out and start having favorites. I love the recipe i have about making a taco with lettuce instead of a tortilla. which replaces simple carbs with fresh veggie.

On another note, but same tune...

I have done a lot of thinking about what I want to do with my life. My husband is probably rolling his eyes again. I joined the military when I was seventeen. When I was in high school I wanted to be a research scientist in Genetics. Science and math fascinate me. But, after joining the military, meeting my husband and having our first child by the time i was 22. That was kinda unrealistic at that point. So, While pregnant I started looking at a Kinesiology major. With my military background and my great discipline with working out it would be great! Only it wasn't. I gained 90 lbs with that pregnancy and I was so hard on myself every day. Working out up to two hours a day, watching my calorie intake and not allowing myself to consume more than 1,200 calories a day... and I was still gaining weight. My worthless doctor was telling me it was my diet and exercises. i was the largest i had ever been. I couldn't help but to think "no one is going to want a fat personal trainer". So I changed my focus. I got indulged in my crafts. While changing my focus and then becoming a business major in college, the dr's finally did a blood test and found that my thyroid level was at 93 and it was supposed to be between a 3 and a 4. I was then diagnosed with hypothyroidism. I did not get this diagnosis until my son was 6 months old. i believe it started while i was pregnant they were just so quick to judge me that they didn't do their job and this angered me. But by this time i was very much into crafts. I thought about helping people by teaching them self reliance, teaching them how to garden and do things for themselves. I guess even with the gardening i was more into the organic side of it and cooking with fresh herbs.

But recently, I just feel that maybe it is something i can do when My kids are grown, but right now my little people need me. But for some reason i feel like there is something missing, like i need something to accomplish and to define myself as other then being a stay at home mom. Don't get me wrong, i love my little guys, I love being a wife. I hate the constant cleaning and the stereotypes that stay at home moms don't do anything but sit around and watch TV because people think they get every day off. As much as I love these things, I have always been independent, and loved that I could take care of myself. I am thinking about going back to school to become a registered nutritionist / dietitian and be a licensed athletic trainer. This goes back to my kinesiology major just with the major focus on nutrition and the minor in kinesiology. And it is something i can incorporate with my family.

I don't think my husband is taking me serious on this. I have to use my GI bill. It is going to suck i do have to pay one trimester out of pocket. but i think i can manage, and as long as i keep my grades up (which I do) then the GI bill will resume and pay for my college. I will need my bachelors, I am almost done with my associates now.

Thanks for reading, and I appreciate any feedback :) now to go figure out what recipes I want to start using :D

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