Sunday, June 24, 2012

Wedding / party favor of handmade soaps

I have been making Handmade soaps for a while now, I have almost 40 recipes of these "cold process" soaps. These soaps on retail are $3.00 for 2-3 oz bar and $5.00 for 3 + oz bar. In this offer I have for offer one batch of handmade soaps which consist of 36 bars of soap, individually wrapped in sheer organza favor bags and inside will be a card with all the wedding / party information plus the soap ingredients on the opposite side so people know exactly what was used in the soap. I have had quite success with people falling in love with my soap. Including my skeptical husband :) this is up to a $6.00 value per bar including the bags. and If you decide to order a batch, instead of paying the retail value of up to $216 per batch, I am only charging $75.00 plus shipping. This is over 50% off the retail value. Flat rate shipping for the soap is $15.00 via USPS priority shipping.

Note: Color of the bars of soap range from the ingredients used. To try to acheieve a specific color may render difficult due to the natural elements inside the soap. but you can be specific on the color of bag the soap is in.

Another note: please order the batch of soap with payment a minimum of 8 weeks in advance, depending on the recipe you choose, i may have to order more oils. and curing takes 4 to 6 weeks so to make sure that everything is ready for your special day, please provide payment and your order 8 weeks in advance. Things I need to know when you place the order.

#1. Color of organza favor bag. you may choose more than one color, they come in groups of 10.
#2. Soap recipe you choose.
#3. Bride and groom information or party information for card inside.

<------To the left, are the colors offered in the organza bags. 

Soap Recipes

Fruity scented soaps
1)      Spring Energy
2)      Summer rock star – Papaya Mango Fragrance
3)      Tropical Coconut
4)      Chocolate Cocktail
5)      Apple & cinnamon
100% natural soaps
1)      Lemon grass – natural insect repellant
2)      Tea Tree with Lavender
3)      Minty Tea Tree
4)      Minty chocolate
5)      Unscented
6)      Sunburn relief (sweet orange scent)
7)      Lavender & vanilla
8)      Vanilla utopia

Floral scented soaps
1)      Sweet Jasmine
2)      Tea Tree with lavender
3)      Lavender Shea Butter
4)      Women’s Body Bar (aria perfume fragrance)
5)      The Buzz Hive (honeysuckle fragrance)
6)      Chamomile carrots & honey
7)      Calendula Sunflower
8)      Sue’s rose garden
9)      Lavender & vanilla
10)   Livid Lilac & oatmeal
11)   Valley of lilies
Masculine Soaps
1)       lemongrass – Natural insect repellant
2)      Minty Tea Tree
3)      Relaxing Shea Butter
4)      Almond Biscotti Shea Butter
5)      Men’s Shaving and body bar (smells like Cool Water fragrance)
6)      Goat Milk Soap
7)      Country Spice (smells like red hots)
8)      Galvanize
9)      Mechanic & gardeners scrub (unscented)
Food scented soaps
1)      Minty Chocolate
2)      Lemon Cheesecake
3)      Bubblegum
4)      Country spice (smells like red hots)
5)      Chocolate cocktail
Exfoliating soaps
1)      Spring Energy
2)      Lemon Cheese Cake
3)      Lemongrass – Helps repel insects
4)      Summer Cucumber
5)      Chocolate Coffee
6)      Mechanic & gardeners scrub (unscented)
7)      Livid Lilac & oatmeal
8)      Weekend retreat
Deep moisturizers
1)      Almond Biscotti Shea butter
2)      Relaxing Shea butter
3)      Lavender Shea Butter
4)      Unscented
5)      Chamomile carrots & honey
6)      Galvanize (for men)
7)      Livid Lilac & oatmeal
8)      Valley of lilies
Holiday scents
1)      Autumn Pumpkins
2)      Holiday spice
3)      Apple & cinnamon
Light and clean scent
1)      Britney Soap (sandalwood vanilla Fragrance)
2)      Women’s Shaving and body bar (Aria Fragrance)
3)      Baby Fresh (baby powder scent)
4)      Chamomile Carrots & honey
5)      Summer cucumber
6)      Vanilla Utopia
7)      Lavender & vanilla
Misc Scents
1)      The Buzz Hive – Honeysuckle Fragrance
2)      Goat Milk Soap (Oatmeal, Milk, & honey Fragrance)
3)      Pine tar Soap (helps provide relief to skin conditions such as eczema and psoriasis)
4)      Chamomile Carrots & honey
5)      Summer cucumber
6)      Chocolate Coffee
7)      Weekend retreat
8)      Sunburn relief soap (sweet orange scent)

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