Saturday, July 21, 2012

Hello From TEXAS!

Thats right folks, I have officially made it to Texas. Starting over stirs up a lot of emotions. Excited about being in the very friendly midwest... No offense Illinoi-ans But in my 6 years of experience there, you dont take too kindly to new people. I have already met some great people! I have some Short term goals, and long term goals to accomplish. writing blogs are the easiest way for me to sort out my thoughts. I tend to over talk to people... and most people dont really care, nor do they understand where I am comming from. It is frustrating. So this is just a blog to ramble out some thoughts in my head. Do not take too big of a note if I am all over the place. If my randomness bothers you, please, go ahead and shut this web page!

As many of my blog readers know, I am pregnant. I was not able to make it down to Kansas to have my first ever baby shower. I guess highlighting any part of my life with a celebration is out of the question. I am not going to lie, I was very depressed for about a week and a half over this. I really miss the love people in kansas have for me. they dont try to change me and they def dont complain if i make a mistake. I am one of the first people to admit when I am wrong. I am a very humble person.

My new OB here in Texas wants to induce about the 5th of august. I know i know, This means hard labor. Well guess what, that is all I know! I was induced with my other two too. I am also planning on using cloth diapers this time around. OMG if another person complains to me about cloth diapers I'm going to scream. Do some research, Cloth diapers are just as easy as disposable now days with a fraction of the cost. I hear about "how much work they are" Well ... contrary to popular belief I AM NOT A LAZY PERSON! Will someone please take time to get to know me without going off of other people's assumptions?! Anyways, I am excited about going to cloth diapers, it is both financially and environmentally friendly. I of course am going to breast feed.

My brother in law is getting married in the flordia Keys next may. that gives me about 9 months to get in as much shape as I can. Since i have gained less than 30 lbs with this pregnancy so far, I feel that I can do much progress in 9 months. I am currently interviewing babysitters for the baby MWF from about 930 to 1230  so i can take a break and focus on me. My goal weight is between 125 and 135. This is always subject to change, Not sure how i will like my mommy body at that weight.

My oldest son wants to ultimatly do break dancing. So I am thinking about putting him into some hip hop dancing classes. He tends to get angry really easily and i can see him with a little ipod and doing flips and twirling on his head to get rid of stress. a nice non agressive stress release. OMG! I SAID I WAS GOING TO PUT MY SON IN DANCE CLASSES!!!! lol. please, we need more white boys that can dance! lol.

Demitrius has no interest in sports really, or any extracaricular activities. so ill let him tell me what he wants to do when he wants to do it.

I am planning on going back to school next fall, but that is still in the back of my mind, I am hoping to be able to do some farmers markets around here, there is a really nice one on saturdays. I am aiming for october to start a booth.

Husband and I have talked about having one more baby, since he is still wishy washy on the subject but we have decided not to get my tubes tied this time around. So, I am planning to try to concieve again starting next september, have the next baby, get my tubes tied, and 6 months after I am done breast feeding, schedule a consult for a mommy makeover. But for this next pregnancy i am hoping to be in good enough shape that i can work out through the next pregnancy and loose the weight even faster. I want to be healthy, fit, and energetic for my kids. Energetic for my husband too "wink wink". lol.

Well I need to go and start looking up and researching post pregnancy workout plans to help me get my muscles back in place and this extra weight off.

My first day of working out target date is August 27th! I hope i can stay motivated and energetic!

Oh, I wanted to share a photo of the take home outfit i have made for the baby. The button and snaps are not on there yet but you get the idea!

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  1. Cute outfit! Love to hear about your growing family!